Who we are?

We are Dimaxer Technology LTD, a SME based on Cambourne Business Park, Cambridge, UK.

What we do?

We provide new generation of computational fluid dynamics(CFD) solutions for wide range of application areas, including aerospace, automotive, turbomchinery, multi-phase flow, environment, marine,  etc.

Our product integrate mesh generation, high fidelity solving and post-processing.

We also provide unique affordable super-computing ability for CFD/CAE simulations.


What is our main competitiveness?

 Based on our innovative numerical algorithm, and new computational model, our product could achieve:

  1. Higher order of accuracy: arbitrary order of accuracy on general unstructured mesh using flux reconstruction method
  2. Time accurate local time-stepping: innovative space time expansion method, achieve time accurate local time stepping without any iterative, 10~100 times faster than conventional uniform time-stepping especially for large-scale, multi-scale problems.  
  3. Overset unstructured mesh: Special numerical algorithm to maintain high order accuracy on arbitrary overset unstructured mesh and support immersed boundary as well.
  4. Low hardware cost: Very low on-site GPU memory requirement and low bandwidth requirement, gaming GPUs could be used for simulations which is 10¬20 times cheaper than professional GPU cards.

What are we good at?

  1. High fidelity simulations: Perform high fidelity simulations (DES/LES/DNS) for industrial problems on desktops/workstations/small GPU clusters
  2. Affordable Super-Computing for Large-scale, multi-scale simulations: Our product could perform large-scale, multi-scale simulations, such as DES/LES of whole airplane, multi-stage jet engines, on affordable clusters rather than super-computers, which achieves 100~1000 times overall cost reductions.
  3. Customized development: fast customized development for most CFD application areas.